Sept 20 - 21, 2013
DJ Spooky
Art You Are a Part of..

Art You Are A Part Of.

Immerse yourself in CRAVE! You’re invited to participate in a non-stop weekend celebration of creativity in all its forms – and you can reach out and grab whatever you want, whenever you want it.

Music, dance, theater, painting, poetry, sculpture, film, you name it, will be everywhere you turn, and you’ll be able to help create the things happening all around you.

Find your voice! Jump on and off roaming Arts Buses to sample in-your-face productions that invite you to watch listen, or even participate, all along the Connective Corridor! Join a jam, co-write a poem, paint a streetscape, choose the ending of a play, decorate a mural, talk to Abe Lincoln or Bill Shakespeare, perform in a flash mob, create your character with make-up and costumes, fly like Peter Pan, commission songwriting to go, tweet from your seats to create improv skits, and much more.

Experience surprise performances in unexpected places as you stroll, eat, walk and ride through Syracuse to watch, listen and discover the arts everywhere you turn – on the street, in and around our theaters, clubs, cafes, museums, restaurants, plazas, buses, alleyways, stores and in the “Happening” C-RAVE finale!

CRAVE a unique experience!

  • Travel in Visual & Performing Arts Buses along the Connective Corridor in Syracuse, New York. Roam and sample innovative art content that invites you to interact and participate
  • Destination Dinner Pop-up Performaces


  • C-RAVE Symphony Flashmob Premier
  • Evening Shows / Exhibits at all Corridor Destinations


CRAVE Festival

Friday, September 20th: 5pm – 10pm

Saturday, September 21st: 1pm – 11pm

Creators Conclave:

Saturday, September 21st: 8:30am – 1pm

Conclave registration includes FREE admission to our interactive Happening Concert with DJ Spooky and artists in all disciplines, Saturday at 8pm.

View Map & Schedule or Register today!

Meet The Team.

Sam Read
Sam Read Conclave Leader
Creator of Seattle Artscrush and Constituent Relations Officer at University of Washington School of Drama
DJ SPOOKY THAT SUBLIMINAL KID Key Interdisciplinary Artist
Paul D. Miller
Metropolitan Museum Artist in Residence

Map & Schedule.



Download Map & Schedule

Organization Project Location Day Time
Syracuse Symposium DJ Spooky Symposium Life Sciences Auditorium 001 Fri 2:30-4
The Paul Robeson Perf. Arts Co. Moth Radio Jam 15 Roji Tea House Fri 7-10
“Today” Devised Play 24 Forman Park Sat 2, 3 and 4
Connective Corridor Singing Sidewalk 25 Syracuse Stage Plaza Sat 1-7
Redhouse Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson Loading Dock Concert 2 Redhouse Sat 5-7
Shakespeare, Sonnets & Soliloquys Armory Square Fri 6-8
Zombie Day in Syracuse: Thriller Dance Lesson 2 Redhouse Sat 11:30-1:30
SRS Cinema/Redhouse Zombie Day in Syracuse : Make-up & Costume Workshops 2 Redhouse
XL Projects/
Dolce Vita
Sat 11:30-1:30
Galaxy Communications Thriller Flashmob 14 Hanover Square (city hall commons) Sat 4
BoDean’s BBQ Smokin’ Poetry with Ribs & Chicken 27 SPARK Contemporary Art Space Sat  1-7
Film in Syracuse Crowd Source Video Project CRAVE-wide Fri-Sat full festival
Movie Casting Call 23 Jazz Central Sat  4-7
Lorne Covington – NoirFlux The Wandering Magic Lantern – Interactive Street Projections Wandering Downtown Fri-Sat 7-10
Electric Heliotrope Theater 23 Jazz Central Fri-Sat 8-10
Symphoria DJ Spooky Happening 28 Goldstein Auditorium Sat 8
Strolling Musicians Downtown Syracuse Fri  7-9
Symphoria inside out Mulroy Civic Center Sat  10am-12:30
 CNY Jazz Happening Fanfare 28 Goldstein Auditorium Sat 8
Art Rage Gallery Combat Paper Journal Making Workshop 26 ArtRage Gallery Sat  1-5
Angela Arrey-Wastavino Dialoguing with Trees 17 SU Arts Engage FriSat 2-4, 2 -6
Kathryn Burke Petrillo Revealing ourselves through Masks 17 SU Arts Engage Sat 2-6
Connective Corridor Dear Syracuse with Love CRAVE-wide Fri,Sat
La Casita Balcón Criollo 1 La Casita Fri 6-8
Syracuse Opera Pop-up Arias Restaurants (see restaurant list) Sat  5-8
Society of New Music American Stories- exhibit/reception/concert 22 Everson Museum Fri 5:30/6:30/7
Mary Rys Story Magic! Interactive story-telling for all ages 10 MOYA Sat 2-5
Downtown Writers Center Poems on the Go Arts Buses Fri 7-10
Words with Spirit 12 World Lounge & Martini Bar Fri 5-7
Syracuse City Ballet Ballerinas on Parade 13 Landmark Theatre, Armory Square Sat 4,6
Wacheva Cultural Dance & Drum Circles 24 Forman Park Sat 1:30 – 4
Rarely Done Productions Strawberry Freckle Face 23 Jazz Central Sat 11, 2
40 Below PATF Project GLOW 18 The Storefront 217 East Genesee St.
(State Tower Building)
Fri  7-10
MOST Dancing Light Theater: Math in Motion 8 MOST Sat  10-5
SU Arts Engage Cafe Club Surreal 21 Axa Towers Patio  Fri-Sat  10-mid
Syracuse Shakespeare Strolling with the Bard  festival wide  Fri-Sat  Strolling
CNY Artists Gallery & Incubator Visual Art Holdup Armory Square  Fri  7-9:30
Best of CNY Artists Show/And God Created Woman 27 Spark  Sat  1-7
Jared Brickman One Hello World Internet only
Pop-up dining see restaurant list Fri 7-9
Sat 5-8

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